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How we work


A BIG part of our process is motivated by beautiful raw materials and the opportunity to work with them and see what we can persuade them to do. Wood, steel, stone, glass, leather, resins, ceramics; honest materials with potential and idiosyncrasies that challenge us. We all have a background in making stuff that we have designed and it is partly our desire to return to those satisfying roots that has motivated the formation of Industry. Of course we depend on our team of talented craftspeople and tradies to make our ideas real, people far more skilled than we could hope to be. But our understanding and appreciation of basic materials drives us to make the best use of them.


Our process is bespoke and tailored to the needs of the individual client. But it falls into a broad, well understood pathway:

  1. Our design team will find out all about you, your business, your opportunities, your challenges.
  2. The the best creative team fit will be determined with you and ideas will be developed and presented as stunning 3D visualisations.
  3. Concepts are refined to your satisfaction and finalised for acceptance.
  4. Design is developed refined and documented. All decisions are explained to and authorised by you, the client.
  5. The components of the approved design are sourced and costed to ensure the design fits the budget requirements. Adjustments are made if necessary.
  6. Any building consents or consultants reports are handled by our team to achieve compliance and consent.
  7. A project plan is prepared showing by Gantt-Chart the participants, task dependencies, major milestones and completion dates. The project management plan is communicated to all participants and feedback sought for its refinement. 
  8. The project management plan is implemented with progress reports regularly communicated.
  9. The project is completed, on time, on budget and to a high standard of finish. This is our ultimate aim and we haven’t missed one yet..!